Monday, July 27, 2009

Yankees Surprise Mailroom Workers at Manhattan Law Firm

This has been one of the best kept secrets at YAI/National Institute for People with Disabilities for the last couple of months! The New York Yankees, as part of their HOPE Week, were going to recognize two individuals with developmental disabilities who receive job training and coaching from our organization. The workers had absolutely no clue that Friday was going to be anything but a normal day at the office. A major thank you to the Yankees and everyone for making this story come to life.

NEW YORK -- Ranjit Seal tried so hard to keep his composure when Johnny Damon, Nick Swisher and CC Sabathia strutted into his office on Friday afternoon. On the inside, he was in utter disbelief, but he didn't want his heroes to know that.
So he went about his business, along with his partner, Melvin Williams. Together, they led the Yankees' players around the Manhattan law firm of Ahmuty, Demers and McManus, demonstrating what they do every day -- sort and deliver mail to the attorneys.
Then Seal received such good news, he could no longer contain himself. He was told that he and Williams were going to be guests of honor at the Yankees' game that night against the A's at Yankee Stadium and would have the opportunity to deliver mail to the rest of the players in the clubhouse beforehand.
Seal let out a loud yelp and tried to find a chair to slump into, lest he faint from the excitement. Suddenly, it all made sense. His mother had been acting strangely, telling him he couldn't go to the movies that night without really giving him a good reason.
This was a good reason.
"I must be dreaming," he shouted. Williams looked on and grinned, expressing his excitement in his own way.

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