Thursday, July 30, 2009

Easing the Way Back to School for Students with Special Needs

Transitioning from summer back to school isn't particularly fun for anyone. Here are some tips on easing that transition for arents of children with special needs:

Going back to school can be especially stressful for students with special needs and their families. In this edition of expert corner, Dr. Scott Barkin and Gina Maranga of the Block Institute in Brooklyn, NY discuss strategies to ease the transition from summertime to school time.
Prepare early for changes
Preparation is often the key to easing transitions for students with special needs. The transition after the summer break can be wrought with emotions – sadness, anticipation, excitement and anxiety about a new school year, and for some, fear of the unknown.
Adjust to changes and create routines
Going back to school also brings with it changes to your child’s daily routine – earlier bedtimes, earlier mornings, and structured days – all of which may have been relaxed during the summer break.

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