Monday, August 10, 2015

Housing Plan Seen as Too Demanding

"It was my birthday yesterday!" exclaimed a smiling Chris Stahl, one of nearly 50 developmentally disabled adults who lives on Bancroft's Lakeside campus in Woodstown, Salem County.
Earlier that day, staff took him to the movies - his favorite thing to do. Just meeting him, one wouldn't guess this man's long list of issues includes obsessive-compulsive and bipolar disorders and anxiety so severe he has often hurt himself.
"For the past six months, thank God, he hasn't been banging his head and going to the emergency room," said his mother, Camille.
Chris, 31, is on the autism spectrum. He gets his therapies on the campus, but the staff encourages him to do activities in the community, and he does.
"It's my right to choose," he has been known to say, according to his mother.
Soon, that could get more complicated.

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