Thursday, February 12, 2015

Helping Parents Become Stronger Advocates for Their Children

It’s natural for a parent to stand up for their child, but when that child has a disability, standing up for them can be a challenge. 
Kylie Wilson works on her Braille
 typewriter as her mom Deborah looks on. 
Between volumes of laws dealing with special needs and a society that still hasn’t figured how to completely embrace and integrate people with special needs, advocacy can be a daunting task
Deborah Wilson, a mother of three, has experienced this over the past 18 years. Her youngest daughter, Kylie Wilson, is developmentally delayed and “completely blind.” Despite her disabilities, she’s learned how to walk around her house without assistance and read Braille. Finding the right school for Kylie Wilson proved to be one of the biggest hurdles her family had to overcome.

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