Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Mother's Decade-Long Journey for Son's Diagnosis

For more than a decade Natanya Dugall tried in vain to find a diagnosis for her son that would explain his vision, speech and movement impairments.Dugall had noticed something was wrong with her son Grayson the day after he was born. Grayson was so fussy even the nurses took notice and Dugall’s mother pointed out her son’s eyes were different sizes and asymmetrical.
“Truly within 24 hours being born we knew there was something wrong with the vision,” said Dugall. The kind of changes made to Grayson’s eyes made doctors suspect a genetic malfunction that could suggest other more serious syndromes.However, initial genetic testing turned up nothing. It would take more than a decade for new technology to develop so that Grayson could be diagnosed.

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