Monday, March 10, 2014

At Last, Hope in Colorado for Those on Adult Support Lists

Beautifully written and sensitive piece by Jeremy P. Meyer, Denver Post Editorial Writer who is also a parent of a child with Down syndrome. It's clear that he understands the issues and lives with them. Wish there were more journalists who could connect with our field and the importance of services. 

DENVER -- Angela DeBruyn didn't think she would have a problem seven years ago when she put her 14-year-old daughter Anna on a wait list for adult support services.

Anna, who has Down syndrome, cannot be left alone for long periods. She can't take a bus by herself, cannot make herself a meal or go anywhere unattended.Anna is now 21 and still on the wait list. She ages out of a day program for people through 21 this summer and her mother doesn't know what she will do.

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