Tuesday, June 4, 2013

One Mom's Tips for Armchair Advocacy

Interesting article by Cathy Jameson, a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. Great tips for anyone involved in advocacy.

We have questions.  Our Congressman should be able to us get answers.  In a perfect world, all of our question asking will have paid off and the truth revealed.  The truth, especially as how it relates to vaccines and autism, has been hard to get.  Many of us have gone round and round locally with our doctors, special education departments and state government agencies while working tirelessly to heal our children.  Yes, it’s been tiring; but, it’s time to think bigger.  It’s time to get the attention of our nation’s leaders—those people who have promised to work for us.  

With a few politicians at our disposal, especially those who attended the 2013 AutismOne Congressional Panel last weekend, keeping their attention is important now more than ever.  Before you shy away in a corner thinking you have no experience dabbling in politics, getting the attention of our government leaders isn’t as hard as it sounds.  It, just like so many things you’ve already done, is just a quick Google search away.  I’ll prove it.  

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