Thursday, December 22, 2011

Teaching Speech to Nonverbal Children

Interesting blog item by Kathie Harrington.

How to teach speech to nonverbal children with autism is a blog I am sure you've all been waiting to read. I wish I had a rainbow colored pill, a magical injection or a jarful of stardust to write that down in a recipe for you. No one person or program has all of the tools to make communication happen for all of the nonverbal children with autism. A poster session at ASHA, however, leads me back to ADVANCE for Speech-Language Pathologists & Audiologists.
"Approximately 90 percent of nonverbal children with no vocal imitation skills at the beginning of treatment are able to imitate some sounds or word approximations after a few VBT sessions," Dr. LorRainne Jones, PhD, CCC-SLP, wrote on her website.
Ninety percent -- that's a huge claim. What you'll see and what I like on Dr. Jones' website is the comparison chart between applied behavior programs and VBT. The results and cost between the programs alone is staggering.

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