Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Opinion: Specialization, Not Segregation, for Special Needs Students in New Jersey

Guest column by Michele Adubato, the founder of New Jersey's first charter school for students with autism.

"Segregation" is an ugly word typically associated with forced separation, harking back to a terrible time in our country’s history. Now, the word is being used by organizations seeking to stop the first charter school in New Jersey serving children with special needs.
Ironically, opponents say the school would discriminate against "nonautistic" students. I've got one thing to say to them: "Are you kidding me?"
As the founder of what will be New Jersey’s first charter school for children with autism spectrum disorders and pervasive developmental disabilities, I am offended by the use of the word "segregation" to describe the placement of children in schools designed to serve their special needs.

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