Friday, February 21, 2014

An Autism Diagnosis. Now What?

Interesting post from Age of Autism by Tim Welsh, an active and influential parent advocates for autism. He's an avid speaker, blogger, and Tweeter (@TannersDad). Tim works to build unity within the autism community, gain Insurance coverage reform, end restraint and seclusion, advocate for services, prevent wandering and much more. Tim and his wife Cheri have one son Tanner (16).

One of the most frequent questions I get being on the front lines of social media is "My child just got a diagnosis of autism, now what?" This is where I offer a disclaimer. If you are still fragile and faint of heart you may want to pass on reading this post. I am happy to consult with you in a more gentle and private way if you give me a call, direct message me via twitter or Facebook . This blog is intended to give those that have already strapped on their warrior armor and seriously ready to go to battle this is the boot camp overview.
I would much rather somebody tell me the truth day one, than string me along. We often say you meet one individual with autism, you have seen one version of autism. The same goes for treatments, services and support plans. There is one major wrench though, your geographic location plays a huge role in what is available and how to proceed. I am going to give you the mile high version as I see it. I would love for others to jump in and correct me if they feel something is  incorrect or missing.

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