Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sharing Diagnosis and Friendship

OSHOCTON, Ohio — Lacey Richcreek, 12, would like to be a counselor or physical therapist one day for people with developmental disabilities like her.
Lacey Richcreek, left, receives a
certificate of appreciation from
 Shannon Hammons for working
 with her granddaughter
Danielle Hardesty. 
“I like working with kids and making things possible, especially for kids younger than me,” Lacey said.She has an early start through a special friendship with Danielle Hardesty, 4. Both girls have cerebral palsy. Lacey walks with crutches and can speak with some trouble. Danielle is confined to a wheelchair and doesn’t talk. However, the two girls don’t have to speak for their families to see the bond they share and how Lacey has helped Danielle.

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