Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mom of Man with Down Syndrome Discusses Death at Cinema

Ethan Saylor simply wanted to see a movie one more time.
The Frederick, Md., man had just watched "Zero Dark Thirty" in a theater inside a mall and wanted to see it again.
Patti Saylor, right, is trying to publicize
her son's story at the Colorado Convention
Center Friday afternoon, July 19, 2013
 at the National Down Syndrome Congress

Saylor, 26, had Down syndrome — a genetic condition that impairs physical growth and intelligence. His condition was likely apparent to the off-duty sheriff's deputies working at the mall on Jan. 12 who were called to remove Saylor because he hadn't paid for another ticket. But those deputies clearly didn't know how to help Saylor work through the issue.
Saylor's aide told them to wait it out. His mother was on the way and he just needed some time. She warned them not to touch Saylor, who could quickly become agitated.

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