Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Simple Act of Kindness: Chili's Waitress Fixes Broken Burger for Autistic Girl

The inspiring story of a Utah Chili's waitress who "fixed" a sliced cheeseburger for a young girl is just one more example of how a simple act of kindness can have a large impact.
This part weekend, Anna MacLean, 25, took her little sister Arianna Hill out to lunch at Chili's before going to see the Easter bunny. MacLean told ABC News that Arianna, who is autistic, "was really enthusiastic" and "told the waitress, 'I'll have my cheeseburger.'"
But when the meal arrived, something was wrong: The burger was "broken," Arianna said sadly.
“Automatically we cut it in half so it’s easier for the kids to eat,” the family's server, Lauren Wells, explained later to CBS affiliate KUTV 2.

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