Thursday, February 17, 2011

Company Provides On-the-Job Training

EASTLAKE, Ohio -- A small group of students washed and towel-dried folding chairs in the warehouse of Aladdin Rents in Eastlake on Tuesday.
They are part of an initiative from the equipment rental company to give special-needs students' job training.
Owners Mike Miller and wife Terrie wanted Aladdin Rents to become a work site for those with special needs because their oldest son Chris was born with Down syndrome.


  1. This is good news! The training is one way of giving opportunities to individuals with disability in order to be employed in the future. In a workplace, trainings are necessary to enhance the skills of employees. My daughter was so happy when she attended their company training because of the ergonomics presentation conducted by the facilitator. She learned a lot during the said training.

  2. Cristal, thanks for your comments. Anytime an individual with a disability can get trainings like this is definitely a plus. Good luck to you and your daughter. Lynn