Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Special Education Activists Hail Supreme Court Ruling in Forest Grove School District vs. T.A.

A victory for any parent that has had to fight for tuition reimbursement from their local school district to provide a suitable education for their child with special needs. Parents have described the struggle to me over the years, not to mention the financial burden of hiring an attorney. Check this New York Daily News story. Also providing links from other outlets below.

Special-education advocates hailed a Supreme Court decision Monday that makes it easier for parents of students with disabilities to get reimbursed for private school tuition.
"This decision is a good thing," said Kim Sweet, executive director of Advocates for Children of New York. "It preserves the right to a free, appropriate public education for kids with disabilities, whether or not their school district is able to offer them an appropriate program."
The court ruled 6-3 that parents who send their special-needs child to private school cannot categorically be barred from taxpayer-funded reimbursements because they didn't first send their child to a public program.

From the LA Times

From National Public Radio

From The Oregonian (home of T.A., the student with special needs)

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